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Belmar Bakery Breakfast Menu

Monday – Saturday
7 am – 3 pm

Quick eats

breakfast Classic Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich
Eggs, cheddar cheese with aioli on a croissant – $4.00
Add ham, bacon, turkey, sausage – $1.50
Add avocado spread, roasted tomatoes – $1.25

Crouque Ami Sandwich – $6.75
Croissant, eggs, oven roasted tomato, bacon or ham, provolone

Breakfast Burrito
Eggs, cheddar cheese and green chili – $4.00
Add ham, bacon, turkey, sausage – $1.50
Add avocado spread, roasted tomatoes – $1.25

Sausage Biscuit – $4.00
Sausage patty in a large angel biscuit layered with our Jalapeno Cherry Jelly

Bakery Specialties
Beirox with cheese – $5.00
Beirox without cheese – $4.50
Pig in a Blanket – $3.50

Quiche with Toast – $5.95


Belmar Breakfast Platter – $7.50
A hearty combination of scrambled eggs, choice of bacon, sausage or ham, and either French toast or buttermilk pancakes crowned with fruit compote. Includes a breakfast mini muffin and orange slices.
Fruit compote options: Cherry, blueberry, strawberry, cinnamon apples
French toast options: Sourdough, wheat, cranberry walnut, croissant, apple cinnamon bread

Omelettes and Scramblers
Three large eggs served with a croissant, biscuit, or choice of bread.
Add ham, bacon, sausage – $1.50

The Belmar – $7.00
Fresh spinach, roasted tomatoes, basil, feta cheese, smoked bacon

The Western – $7.00
Ham, cheddar cheese, onions and diced tomatoes

The Meat Lover – $7.00
Bacon, ham, sausage, and cheddar cheese

Fresh from the bakery

Danish Pastry – $2.50
Cherry, cream cheese, cinnamon, raisin

Classic Cinnamon Rolls – $2.50
Scones – $2.50
Assorted flavors

Croissants – $1.50

Ham and Cheese Croissants – $3.75

Turnovers – $2.89
Apple or cherry

Mini Baked Pies – $2.50
Apple, cherry, apricot

Muffins – Large – $2.50
(min 1 dozen per order same flavor)

Fruit Sticks – $2.50
Apple, cinnamon, cherry, apricot

Cinnamon Crisps – $1.99

Tornadoes – $1.50


Scrambled or Fried Eggs – $2.00
One Pancake – $2.00
Meat Side – $2.25
Toast – $1.50
Biscuit – $1.50
Specialty Jams – .75ea or $2 for 3
(Strawberry rhubarb, plum, pear honey, cinnamon butter, jalapeno cherry)

Hot drinks

Roaster’s Coffee – $1.65 / $1.95
Taste of Texas Coffee – $1.65 / $1.95
Hot Tea Assortment – $1.50
Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate – $2.50
See our Espresso Bar for gourmet coffee options!

Cold drinks

Orange Juice – $3.00
Fountain Soda – $1.89
Iced Tea – $1.89
Bottled Water – $1.25
Milk – $2.00

Belmar Bakery Lunch Menu

Grilled Cheese

The Classic – $5.95
Slices of cheddar on cheesy bread with chips and a cookie

The Classic Deluxe – $6.95
Provolone, sharp cheddar, American with pesto-aioli on cheesy sourdough with chips and a cookie

Ham and Cheese Melt – $6.95
Ham, cheddar, with dijon mustard on cheesy sourdough with chips and a cookie

Ultimate Double Stacked Grilled Cheese – $7.29
Provolone, cheddar, bacon roasted tomatoes, chipotle mayo, caramelized onions on jalapeno cheese bread with chips and a cookie

Signature Paninis

With chips & cookie – $7.29

Turkey, swiss, bacon, tomato, spicy mustard on jalapeno cheese bread

Turkey CranberryTurkey, swiss, dijon mustard, tomato, jalapeno cranberry jam on cranberry walnut bread

Bacon and Turkey Bravo
Turkey, bacon, swiss, tomato and homestyle dressing on tomato bread

Chicken Florentine
Grilled chicken, four cheese blend, roasted red peppers, spinach artichoke spread on foccacia bread

Fresh Sandwiches

With chips & cookie

Club Sandwich – $7.89
Turkey, ham, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato on foccacia bread

Turkey Sandwich – $6.99
Shaved turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, aioli on toasted sourdough bread

Smoked Ham and Swiss Sandwich – $6.99
Shaved ham, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, dijon mustard on toasted sourdough bread

Albacore Tuna Salad Sandwich – $6.99
Lettuce and tomato on wheat bread

Homemade Chicken Salad Sandwich – $6.99
Lettuce and tomato on a croissant

Garden Avocado Sandwich – $6.99
Avocado spread, mixture of chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and balsamic vinaigrette on a croissant

Mix and Match

– $6.99 (Select 2)
Half Sandwich / Cup of Soup / Small Salad

Belmar Specialties

Beirox (white or wheat bread with cheese) – $5.00
Beirox (white or wheat bread without cheese) – $4.50
Pig in a Blanket – $3.50
Sausage Pocket (hot or mild) – $3.50
add chips – $.75

Entree Salads with bread
Add grilled chicken, chicken salad, tuna salad, turkey, garden avocado to any salad for $2.00

Cafe Salad – $6.00
Field greens, feta cheese, tomatoes, red onions, red peppers, toasted almonds, choice of dressing

Spinach Salad – $6.00
Fresh spinach leaves, feta cheese, cranberries, candied pecans, house balsamic vinaigrette

Fresh Strawberry Salad (seasonal) – $6.00
Mixed greens, fresh strawberries, glazed pecans, strawberry vinaigrette


Ham and Green Chile Quiche (with salad) – $7.00

Spinach Quiche (with salad) – $7.00

Homemade Soups
Cup with bread – $4.00
Bowl with bread – $6.00
Made from scratch daily. We offer two choices:
Our top selling Cream of Jalapeno and a Chef’s Choice served with a fresh baked bread Add a small salad or cup of soup to any lunch for $2.75

Kids Meal

Grilled Cheese (with chips and iced cookie) – $4.00
Pig in a Blanket (with chips and iced cookie) – $4.00
Turkey or Ham Melt Sandwich (with chips and iced cookie) – $4.00