Bundt Cakes

Classic Flavors


Classic Vanilla – $21.00

Our signature vanilla pound cake iced in our sweet roll icing. Customize your icing color if you wish! Serves 12-15

Triple Chocolate – $21.00

A chocolate lovers dream. Our delicious chocolate cream cake topped with fudge icing, a chocolate dobosh drizzle, and chocolate chip sprinkles. Serves 12-15

Strawberry Cream Cheese – $21.00

Our berry berry good strawberry cream cake iced in our strawberry cream cheese icing, and topped with strawberry crunch bits. Serves 12-15

Lemon Bliss – $21.00

A luscious not too tart lemon pound cake glazed in our lemon roll icing. Serves 12-15

Red Velvet Marble – $21.00

The best of both worlds. Red velvet and vanilla cake swirled together with our melted cream cheese icing on top. Serves 12-15


Gourmet Flavors


Italian Cream – $24.00

A house favorite! Our vanilla cream cake baked with coconut, pecan and spices. Topped off with cream cheese and more fresh coconut and pecans. Serves 12-15

Cinnamon Crumb – $24.00

Our aromatic cinnamon and vanilla pound cake infused with a cinnamon butter filling, glazed with cream cheese icing and topped with cinnamon crumbs. Same recipe as our muffins we serve with breakfast and lunch. Serve 12-15

Butter Rum – $28.00

A holiday and party must have. Our vanilla rum cake soaked in a butter rum glaze and drizzled with a royal icing. For adults only. Serves 12-15

Brown Sugar Bourbon – $28.00

A dense boozy bourbon cake topped with candied pecans and a caramel glaze. For adults only. Serves 12-15

Eggnog Rumchata – $28.00

A holiday house favorite. Fresh egg nog cake soaked in rumchata (a cinnamon rum) and glazed with an eggnog cream cheese. Serves 12-15


Celebrate with a Belmar Bakery fresh baked bundt cake!

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